Overhead Power Line Construction

If you need power lines installed in your subdivision, business development or local municipality, we can assist. Our highly trained technicians use safe installation practices that are designed to provide reliable service for years to come.

Level 3 Certified Designs

At Northwest Power, we can provide Level 3 certified designs for a wide range of applications. Our experienced designers know what it takes to provide a safe, reliable design. Call today to learn more about this service.

Supply and Installation of Pole-Mounted Substations

As power moves through a town, business district or neighbourhood, it’s essential to have substations to safely route that electricity where it needs to go. We can install and supply pole-mounted substations for a wide variety of uses.

Overhead Transmission Line Construction

When you work with Northwest Power, you can rest assured that the overhead transmission lines we construct will be safe and reliable. Whether you need to send power to a remote location or you’re making upgrades to an older grid, we can assist.

Underground High & Low Voltage Reticulation

We offer complete service for underground high and low voltage reticulation:

• Supply of Certified Level 3 Electrical Designs
• Supply of NBN Approved Designs
• Liaising with Energy Authority
• Supply and Installation of Pad-Mounted Substations
• Conversion of Overhead to Underground Power
• HV and LV Works

• Cable Jointing
• Supply and Installation of the Entire Electrical Reticulation, Including Service
• Pits and Pillars & Streetlight
• Supply and Installation of NBN Pit and Pipe Works
• Final Commissioning of Subdivisions

Supply and Installation of Pad Mounted Substations

We can completely assist with the supply and installation of your pad-mounted substation. These substations are essential for many subdivisions, providing a safe way to route power to each individual building. We can provide a turnkey solution to make it easier for builders, consumers and all other interested parties.

High & Low Voltage Jointing

Ensure that the power you need flows safely through the cables. We provide safe jointing for both high and low voltage cables.

Underground and Overhead High Voltage & Low Voltage Mining Applications

Mining is becoming big business here in New South Wales. We will ensure that your mining operation has the power it needs. Whether the power needs to be supplied underground or overhead, high voltage or low, we will provide the reliable power source your mine needs.

Level 2 Underground

We also can provide Level 2 underground work. To learn more, please call us today!

Transformers & Power Subdivisions

Subdivisions and asset relocations are some of our specialities. We can provide appropriate transformers and power subdivisions for virtually all kinds of projects. Give us a call today for more information!